The Power of You: A Virtual Experience

Find Your Path to Deep Healing & Transform Your Life!

Live Event: August 6th - 8th
Pre-Launch Promo Window: July 26th - August 6th

A free LIVE weekend virtual retreat, which will feature 2 ½ days of expert roundtable discussions, high-value presentations, and powerful interactive sessions that will educate, inspire, connect, and transform seekers on a journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery

A Message from the Inaura Team

We can’t wait to share our upcoming event with you, which is also the debut of Inaura, our new interactive healing platform.

Through personal experiences and long winding roads to our own personal healing we’ve noticed a huge gap in the healing space. Primarily… there are so many ways to heal and there is no ‘right’ way. With Inaura we have created an inclusive space that unites pathways, lineages, modalities, and Guides to support people in finding their path towards growth, wellness, and self-realization!

This is why, over the past 2 ½ years, we’ve been working with a stellar team and advisory board to create a platform that provides a roadmap for seekers wishing to find their path. 

So many people today are struggling with chronic illness, pain, depression, addiction, and other serious forms of dis-ease.

We aim to address these issues head-on through a powerful and life-changing event that aims to meet seekers where they are on their growth and healing journey so they can feel empowered to find options aligned to them.

Love this so far? We can’t wait to share more… 

See our Affiliate Program details below – and please sign up for a short meeting with Michael to discuss the many ways we can work together to impact as many lives as possible.

Thank you in advance for all your support.

Our mission with The Power of You: A Virtual Experience is to provide attendees with a taste of the Inaura experience and what else is possible for them now on their healing path.

Event Details

Attendees will walk away with dozens of new skills and practices they can implement right away!

No fluff, no pitch-fest, only highly engagement, valuable education and experiences.

Event begins at 4pm PT on Friday, August 6th and ends at 5pm PT on Sunday, August 8th – 2 ½ days of education, inspiration, empowerment, healing, and growth.

Key dates

Affiliate Promo

July 26th - August 6th

Live Event

August 6th - 8th (Fri-Sat-Sun)

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August 2021 - February 2022

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A VIP Event Upgrade Digital Package (including video & audio replays, a LIVE Q&A plus Self-Care Bundle) will be offered for Event Pricing of $97 & Post-Event Pricing of $197 with a 50% affiliate commission to you.

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Join us for The Power of You: A Virtual Experience and the debut of Inaura. Together, let’s change the face of medicine. When we collaborate, everybody wins!


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Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​