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Join us as we prepare for launch and learn more about the unique affiliate opportunity presented by Inaura.

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What is Inaura?

Inaura is an interactive, intuitive platform that meets seekers right where they – and connects them with professionals and resources to support their healing, growth and self-realization journey.

We do this through our proprietary GuideMe™ assessment that connects seekers with professional guides, educational resources, events, and tools that align with their unique constitution, current needs, and overall level of development in several areas.

Together, through our GuideMe™ assessment, professional network, and educational resource database, we aim to serve as a facilitator of personal growth & true healing by empowering individuals to become the architect of their own journey – and to be a catalyst of collective human awakening.

This where you come in

Inaura will present a truly unique and rewarding affiliate opportunity – with many ways to promote, multiple ways to earn – and an ever-evolving stream of high-value, quality content to share with your audience.

There’s never been anything like this before, and we’d love to work together with you to positively change as many lives as possible.

Join Co-Founder, Michael Roesslein, on an Affiliate Wins Webinar!

Join us on our next Affiliate Wins Webinar to get an inside look at what we’re working on and to learn how you can participate in our launch.

Here’s what you’ll get from joining us:

  • Learn about the most rewarding affiliate opportunity we’ve ever created- and have ever seen!
  • Discover the many ways to promote, earn, and share high quality content with your audience.

The Inaura Foundational Partner Opportunity

1. Soft Launch

We will open the doors in Spring 2021 with a soft opening – featuring our proprietary GuideMe™ assessment.

At that time, we will have initial offerings of digital courses, group programs, and live classes & workshops available for purchase – which will be presented through personalized recommendations to our seekers via the GuideMe™ assessment.

All purchases will be eligible for various levels of referral commission – with no limit per lead. If they buy a course, sign up for a group program, and/or attend live classes or workshops – you earn on each purchase.

2. Large-Scale Online Launch Event

In Summer 2021, Inaura will officially “launch” with a large-scale online ‘Find Your Path’ event featuring recorded videos, a live component, and supplemental educational resources and tools. It will be free to attend, with the option to purchase lifetime access and all the extras.

There will be top-quality promotional resources available for this event, as well as high-value content to share with the promotion. This will not be your standard online summit – but a fun, engaging, and powerful interactive experience. We’re consulting with leaders in the emerging virtual connection technology space to create something truly special.

3. High-Value Sharable Content for Your Audience

In addition to the financial rewards, we’ll be providing you with fresh, unique, high-value content to regularly share with your audience. (All of which can be tracked.) 

If you’re in the functional health or integrative medicine world – we are providing a “Step 1” for you to suggest to your clients, patients, and followers to help them find the path towards mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being – essential components to true healing. 

Love a blog post on the connection between trauma and chronic disease? Create an affiliate link and share it with your audience. Think your community would benefit from an upcoming workshop on mindfulness? Share it, and earn not only on those signups – but on anything else those individuals purchase for 9 months

Improve their outcomes and earn commissions for doing so… sounds like a win for everyone involved!

4. Inaura Foundational Partner Bonus

Affiliate partners who support the initial launch of this platform will receive an additional 90-day extension to the standard 6-month tracking (cookie) for referred leads.

That’s right. 90 extra days to earn on each individual you send to our platform, for a total of 9 months of rewards on each lead.

That’s longer than the full tracking period most affiliate programs offer today.

Every digital course purchased. Every group program joined. Every live class or workshop attended. Every membership enrollment. All of it… You’ll continue to earn as they go further along their own personal journey. 

Tell me how this works!

I’m ready to become an Inaura Affiliate

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Join us on our next Affiliate Wins Webinar!

Get an inside look at what we’re working on and to learn how you can participate in our launch.

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