The Power of You: A Virtual Experience

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Live Event: August 6th - 8th
Pre-Launch Promo Window: July 26th - August 6th

A free LIVE weekend virtual retreat, which will feature 2 ½ days of expert roundtable discussions, high-value presentations, and powerful interactive sessions that will educate, inspire, connect, and transform seekers on a journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery

Event Details

Attendees will walk away with dozens of new skills and practices they can implement right away!

No fluff, no pitch-fest, only highly engagement, valuable education and experiences.

Event is being produced by Stream of Consciousness – which will result in much higher production quality. No Zoom rooms here!

Event begins at 4pm PT on Friday, August 6th and ends at 5pm PT on Sunday, August 8th – 2 ½ days of education, inspiration, empowerment, healing, and growth.

Key dates

Affiliate Promo

July 26th - August 6th

Live Event

August 6th - 8th (Fri-Sat-Sun)


August 9th (Mon)

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August 2021 - February 2022


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A VIP Event Upgrade Digital Package (including video & audio replays, a LIVE Q&A plus Self-Care Bundle) will be offered for Event Pricing of $97 & Post-Event Pricing of $197 with a 50% affiliate commission to you.

Event Schedule

Note: All times are listed in Pacific (US) Time Zone


Opening Ceremony, Grounding, & Intention

Expert Roundtable
The Many “Sides” of Healing: Bringing it All Together

The Six Pathways to Healing, Growth, and Self-Realization

Interactive Workshop
Breathing is Life: An Introduction to the Power of the Breath


Expert Roundtable w/ Guided Practice
Foundations Pathway: Essential Practices for Truly Holistic Wellness

Interactive Workshop
Mindfulness: Finding Yourself in the Present Moment

Expert Roundtable
Mental Pathway: Stories, Patterns, Beliefs & the Subconscious Mind

Interactive Workshop
Meeting Your Internal Family: A Guided Exploration of Parts

Expert Roundtable
Neuro Pathway: Repair, Repattern, and Balance the Brain & Nervous System

SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 2021 (Continued)

Experiential Session
Powerful Eastern Practices for Nervous System Regulation

Expert Roundtable w/ Guided Practice
The Heart-Brain Connection: Bringing Coherence Into Your Life

Expert Roundtable
An Exploration of Trauma: From Wounding to Healing & Transformation

Expert Presentation & Demonstration
Adult Attachment Repair: The Neurobiology of Healing Attachment Trauma

Expert Roundtable
Paths to Recovery: Shining Light on the Darkness of Addiction

Experiential Session
Yoga Nidra: Experience the Deep Relaxation of Sleep Yoga


Expert Roundtable w/ Guided Practice
Living with Intention: Illuminate, Awaken, and Embody Your Purpose

Expert Roundtable w/ Guided Practice
Somatic Pathway: Discover the Infinite Wisdom of the Body

SUNDAY, AUGUST 8, 2021 (Continued)

Experiential Session
ReSourcing™ Reset: Mind-body Integration for Clarity, Calm, and Connection

Expert Roundtable
Energy Pathway: The Force Which Animates All Life (Including You!)

Experiential Session
Qigong: Ancient Practice for a Modern World

Expert Roundtable
Grounded Perspectives on Psychedelics: Neuroscience Meets Traditional Wisdom

Experiential Session
Direct Path Meditation: Awakening to the Reality of Who You Really Are

Expert Roundtable
Spiritual Pathway: Deepening Connections to Self, Others, and the Divine

Closing Session
Bringing it All Together and Taking the Next Steps

Experiential Session
Music Medicine: Traditional Peruvian Flute

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You can contact our amazing affiliate team at [email protected]. You can also discuss our Affiliate Program and unique benefits directly with our Co-Founder, Michael Roesslein, in the Founding Affiliate Bonus call.

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Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​