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We realize your work is likely to cross many areas of focus. For organizational purposes, it will be very helpful if you can choose the primary pathway that most resonates with you and your practice, and up to two additional pathways that your work may overlap with.

The basics of a healthy lifestyle – would include nutrition, movement, stress reduction, pain management, structural (physical) health, and all aspects of living in a way that fosters mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

This is where most traditional psychology would land – an exploration of the mind. Focus is on mindset, thoughts, beliefs, stories, and building self-awareness of one’s own triggers, patterns, and behaviors. Topics such as mindfulness, focus, motivation, and inspiration would also be covered here.

Pertains to the physical brain, neurotransmitters, brain waves, and the nervous system as it pertains to one’s mental and emotional well-being. Would include topics such as polyvagal theory, autonomic nervous system, neurofeedback, nervous system regulation, certain aspects of trauma, and heart-brain coherence.

A focus on body-mind connection, awareness of emotions as physical sensations, embodiment practices, body-based trauma therapies, and mindful movement practices. Explores the relationship between our physical and subtle body structures with our thoughts and actions.

Includes practices which work primarily with the human biofield, subtle energies, electromagnetic frequencies, and/or life force (prana). Would include practices such as Qigong, Acupuncture, Reiki, and Pranic Healing.

Here you find awakening practices, all levels and forms of meditation, contemplative prayer, connection to the divine, religion, self-realization, spiritual teachers and lineages, ceremony, ritual, myth, legend, and explorations into death and dying.
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Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​