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Binaural Beats Sound Therapy

Healing and Meditation for Joy & Happiness

With Dorothy Tannahill-Moran


Binaural Beats Sound Therapy



Online Class

Jun 9 2022

  |  2:00 pm PT

|  60 min.

What you can expect.

Increasingly, we are understanding the health benefits from binaural beats. They help foster better sleep, lower stress & anxiety, improve positivity, and deepen meditation. And neuroscience is finding more benefits all the time like brain improvement. What many people don’t know is that hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls produce binaural beats.

Now, imagine a Sound Therapy Meditation with Binaural Beats layered with the unique properties of Planetary frequencies known for very targeted, healing properties of body, mind, and soul performed by a certified master Sound Therapist who will “bathe” you in sound. Few people in the US have been through this training or possess these frequencies making this type of event a rare opportunity to receive a treatment with this type of healing focus. The selected theme of this Sound Bath & Meditation is Joy, Happiness & Optimism which mean those frequencies will be used to produce those reactions for the body and mind will be used.

Dorothy will provide the group with insight on the selected frequencies and their effect on the mind and body, then move into a light, guided meditation targeted on the healing theme. She will then be silent and allow the vibrational sound to be the focus and return to close the meditation and facilitate discussion to deepen the experience. It is suggested you use earbuds or headphones for the best experience.
The approximate time allotment and flow:
10 minutes frequencies insight
35 minutes for Sound Bath & Meditation
15 minutes to process/discuss experience

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About Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

Deep wisdom- highly intuitive-fountain of information, all rolled up into a fuzzball of quiet humor.
I’ve long had a passion for sharing my knowledge to help make others' life easier and better.

When I became a Sound Therapist 3-4 years ago, it fit well with my passion to help people. I see things differently and offer you insights for a path you never considered. Let me help you discover a part of you that is ready to awaken, heal, or learn.

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