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Craniosacral Self-Healing

With Dr. Michelle Veneziano


Craniosacral Self-Healing



Online Class

Dec 20 2021

  |  2:00 pm PT

What you can expect.

I bring people through full body osteopathic/craniosacral healing to integrate the subtle body (primary respiration) and the physical body (secondary respiration), which also balances the nervous system. A “”state”” that can run in the background 24/7 while we go about our busy lives.

The parts:
Awareness: Developing the skill to maintain connection between the conscious (mind) and the subconscious (body).

Structure: Setting ourselves up structurally for full body breathing (breath AND chi).

Movement: Remembering our native dynamic full-body nature

Breath: Connecting the cranio-sacral rhythm (primary respiration) to the diaphragms (secondary respiration)

Tongue function: A well functioning tongue is an osteopathic/cranial treatment!

Hydration: Optimizing all the circulations, including electrical flow

Co-regulation: How we heal in connection with ourselves, the Earth, and each other

Heart Coherence: tapping the power of the heart to charge all of it “

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About Dr. Michelle Veneziano

I’m an Osteopathic medical doctor, intuitive, mother, and lover of all things ecstatic. When my daughter was little I was a single mom, I had 3 jobs, and no time to seek help for a spinal disc injury, chronic fatigue, and mold and food allergies. I healed on my own by waking up my intuition and getting into my body.

My approach to medicine and self-healing is rooted in Cranial Osteopathy. I teach natural ways of being in the body that allow us to heal naturally while we move throughout our day