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Moving Meditation

With Kristen Stafford


Moving Meditation



Online Class

Feb 6 2022

  |  12:00 pm PT

|  60 min.

What you can expect.

If you’re searching for your zen, but find yourself zooming instead, Moving Meditation can guide you there!

This class uses the chakras as your framework to explore movement, breathing, visualization, and mindset. Phew! It might sound like a lot, but the movements are gentle, connected with breath, and set with intention to bring your mind-body connection to the present moment.

You’ll gain balance and body awareness in this one-of-a-kind class. Begin with a body scan then ease your way into gentle chakra mobilizations. We’ll begin at the bottom of the body, the root, and work our way to the top, the crown. Between, we’ll connect with breath, colors, and imagery to establish flow and align the communication of your central nervous system.

Dress comfortably in clothing you can move in easily. Movements in a standing, seated, or lying down position may be used. Space required will be no greater than that of a yoga mat. Please have any props like towels, a blanket, a chair, or ball nearby. Be sure to bring water to your session.

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About Kristen Stafford

My gifts for understanding human movement stem from a desire to reduce my own pain associated with postural misalignment and energy imbalances. Incorporating holistic principles has allowed me to work through my own ailments and explore unconventional healing techniques. I use these same techniques when coaching clients who aren't experiencing relief through traditional methods and movement instruction. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to health and happiness, I would love to meet you!