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My Body, My Voice, My Freedom

A meditative journey into the healing power of truth

With Sarah Cruse


My Body, My Voice, My Freedom



Online Class

May 24 2022

  |  3:30 pm PT

|  90 min.

What you can expect.

My Body, My Voice, My Freedom: A meditative journey into the healing power of truth, will be a sweet and deep dive into the potential of engaging embodied truth and liberating the voice within. We will be stepping into the natural, experiential metabolic system. Just as the earth has its natural ecosystem that maintains equilibrium and health, we too have a natural way of processing experiences.

This class will be focused on the relationship to the deeper truth living in our bodies and the words that we speak. When aligned with truth our words have the power to shift our realities, bring clarity, wholeness and stimulate growth. We will step into relationship with the natural intelligence of our own physical, energetic, mental and spiritual processes. We will engage them with somatic awareness and spoken truth. It will be a curious adventure and I trust you will leave feeling, clear, nourished and empowered.

About Sarah Cruse

It is my intention to support you in deepening your own relationship with the generative and inherent healing power within you. I believe that every person is their own best healer, and that when we collaborate miracles happen with ease. With the right tools, resources and awareness we have the ability to come into healthy relationship with all things. It is in this relational space where healing happens...Mind, Body and Soul.

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