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Reconnect to Your Happiness

With Karolina Blaszkiewicz


Reconnect to Your Happiness



Online Class

Dec 26 2021

  |  12:00 pm PT

What you can expect.

In this amazing transformational class, we will dive into uncovering and reclaiming your inner power. Are you experiencing fears, anxiety, burnout, or exhaustion? Are other people impacting you in a negative way? Are limiting beliefs or blocks keeping you stuck, not able to move forward? Do you feel like you are holding back and struggling with the concept of ease and flow?

Join me in reconnecting and revealing your inner power with powerful practical tools to assist you in your transforming your life into more ease, flow and joy.

•mastering healthy boundaries within relationships
• understanding energy flows
• exploring limiting beliefs
• powerful steps to empowerment

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About Karolina Blaszkiewicz

I help women accelerate their ascension journey by clearing mental, physical, emotional and spiritual blocks, creating space to step into the next level of consciousness. I facilitates spiritual growth by channeling divine energy to heal trauma, remove self-sabotaging beliefs and provide spiritual clearing on a multidimensional level. My passion is to help women expand their consciousness into every transformational healing session, workshop and retreat.