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Safe & Sound Protocol

With Niki D’Agostino


Safe & Sound Protocol



Online Class

May 31 2022

  |  10:00 am PT

|  60 min.

What you can expect.

This class is all about the Safe and Sound protocol. SSP is an acoustic intervention that
provides cues to our nervous system to become more accessible, to be safer, and to
optimize its own regulatory capacity.

The nervous system processes sound in a dynamic neural feedback loop that will change the individuals physiological and behavioral state. SSP triggers a physiological state of calmness and social behavior.

I will explain the importance of the polyvagal theory and the autonomic ladder as it relates to the Safe and Sound Protocol. Autonomic state is an intervening variable influencing our ability to listen, to extract information, and to be social. The autonomic nervous system scans for cues of safety, danger, or life threat without involving the thinking parts of our brain. The three neural circuits of our autonomic nervous system have a characteristic pattern of response.

I will discuss the three pathways for delivering SSP and the appropriate candidates for the protocol. In addition, I will introduce nervous system regulation techniques which are essential in preparation for listening to the music. Finally, I will allow the participants to experience the SSP connect music as a group.

About Niki D’Agostino

I am a certified neuroplasticity coach committed to helping individuals struggling with a variety of conditions when modern medicine's focus on treating symptoms fails to provide long-term results.
I help you understand the mind-body connection, rewire connections in the brain and achieve total healing of the body, a wellness journey I experienced firsthand. My specialties include anxiety, depression, loss of energy, food sensitivities, emotional regulation difficulties, and motion sickness.

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