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Syntara System Meditation: Deeply Nourishing & Integrating

With Ruthie Yarme


Syntara System Meditation: Deeply Nourishing & Integrating



Online Class

Dec 22 2021

  |  11:00 am PT

What you can expect.

This meditation class is deeply grounded in the principles of Syntara System. You will be lead in an hour long meditation/visualization.

Syntara System is a deeply integrative, evolutionary, energy awareness modality that allows people to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world. I hope (and believe) that this meditation class will help bring participants find more clarity, connection, stability, and joy.

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About Ruthie Yarme

I believe that every being at their Essence has a brilliance that is unshakeable and infinite. As practitioner and teacher, I focus on helping clients connect to their Essence and to their energetic resource in order to turn towards areas in their lives that are causing pain and harm to themselves and to others.

When our pain is held in love and acceptance, deep healing occurs. Old patterns dissolve and new ones are created that bring us more clarity, power, stability, connectedness, and joy.