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Trauma-Informed Meditation

With Elessar Trost


Trauma-Informed Meditation



Online Class

Feb 8 2022

  |  9:00 am PT

What you can expect.

Students are invited to join in basic mindfulness meditation. I include grounding and resourcing exercises in the beginning of each class. Because the act of clearing the mind itself can be a source of anxiety for many people who suffer from CPTSD, students are welcome to break the silence and share what is coming up for them.

I will respond to normal issues that come up in meditation, or if there appears to be an underlying trauma, then I will seek consent to work with the student 1-on-1 in front of the class relying on my NARM practice and ability to hold space for emotional content. When one person is able to undergo a shift in working with their own trauma, witnesses often will feel a similar positive shift inside themselves.

A feedback loop is created wherein the client may have an even more powerful shift by the fact of being witnessed in it in a safe space. Students can track improvement by rating their ability to meditate by themselves on a scale of 1-10 before each class.

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About Elessar Trost

The purpose of my practice is to help people recognize, accept, move through, and ultimately transform trauma. This results in feelings of levity, greater freedom of choice, a greater capacity to be present in every moment, and a population with greater coherence between the heart and the mind. I imagine a world where this ability to "come from the heart" is the foundation of a society from which all beings may benefit.