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November 26-28, 2021

InauraLIVE Class Experience!

26 Classes UNLOCKED for 3 days... FREE !

Join us for the
InauraLIVE Class Experience!

We are screening 26 FREE classes this weekend with our world-class Inaura guides to celebrate the opening of our Winter Calendar!


Class offerings include: meditations, qigong, yoga, breathwork, somatic movement, nervous system regulation practices, and so much more…

Meet Your Guides

Meet 27 world-class Guides, consisting of therapists, counselors, doctors, researchers, coaches, educators & healers across the full spectrum of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & energetic well-being.


Katya Lovejoy, MSW, RYT
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Trauma Coach & Meditation Teacher

Mark Tanaka
Attachment Healing & Nervous System Educator and Coach

Heather Archer
Workplace Wellness Coach and Sound Healer

Dr. Kevin O’Connor
Ph.D. Somatics, Fascia Researcher

Laura Gevanter
PSYCH-K Facilitator/Alignment Coach

Ryan Matsumori
Growth & Communication Coach for Men

Carrie Eckert
Health & Embodiment Coach

Dr. Koichi Naruishi
Doctor of Chiropractic

Aglaee Jacob
Registered Dietitian, Qoya Teacher & Self-Love Guide

Drs. Kira & Suzanna Wong
Chiropractic Doctors  Network Spinal Specialists

Kelli Russell
Subconscious Change Facilitator

Karolina Blaszkiewicz
Guide, Teacher, Energy Healer, Mentor

DanaGita Stratil
Voice Healer & Spiritual Guide

Jonas Blume
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist

R.J. Rongcal
Certified Mindfulness Teacher

Monica Ballard
Somatic Integrative Coach

Nicole Rager
Transformational Breath Facilitator

Katherine Bird
Energetic Medicine Practitioner & Mentor

Jane Miller
Psychotherapist & Executive Director 

Mikyö Black-Wangmo
Health, Wellness, & Integration Coach

Mattie Eisenberg
Mind-Body Therapist

Dr. Michelle Veneziano
Osteopathic Medical Doctor & Intuitive

Ruthie Yarme
Syntara System Energy Practitioner

Richard Brenner
Yoga Nidra Practitioner 

InauraLIVE Class Experience!

November 26-28, 2021

Unlock and Experience 26 InauraLIVE classes with world-class Inaura Guides!

Class Details

26 classes... all without leaving the comfort of your own home! ...Completely FREE this weekend NOV. 26th-28th!


Befriending Your Body: An Active Meditation & Journaling Exercise w/ Carrie Eckert

In this somatic-based class, Carrie will guide you through mentally connecting with your physical body and creating a loving dialogue with the one friend that will be with you your entire life.

Sing Circle – Explore the Magic of Your Voice w/ DanaGita Stratil

Discover for yourself how relaxing and self-empowering it is to feel vibrations throughout your body while you tone, chant and sing simple yet magical songs with others. DanaGita will lovingly show you how making authentic sounds can lead to feeling refreshed, focused and energized. (An essential part of this live class is that we enjoy all this together.)


RE.VIVE: A Somatic Practice to Soothe & Energize the Feminine Nervous System w/ Monica Ballard

If you’re a woman struggling with overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, or if your relationships are feeling extra stressful lately, please join us in this somatic practice session where you will use your body as a bridge to calm, soothe, and energize your nervous system and activate your innate intuition, power, courage, trust, self-esteem, and joy.


Transformational Breathwork w/ Nicole Rager

In this class, Nicole will guide you to use your breath in a way that permanently transforms struck, stagnant energy (think heavy emotions, confusion, fear, etc). Through a beautifully guided healing process, you’ll leave this class feeling noticeably lighter, invigorated, and more deeply grounded in connection to yourself, others, and all of life.


5 Breaths to Control Your Mood in Any Moment w/ Ryan Matsumori

With 5 quick and specific breath techniques, you will learn to regulate and control your mood in any moment. This 60-minute class will go over the fundamentals of how you can manage your stress and mood by controlling your brain and body through your breath. Join us to learn how you have the power and ability to be in control of your experience and your life each day!


Subconscious Change to Meet Your Goals w/ Kelli Russel

This 1-hour rapid transformation class using subconscious change will help you meet any goal you have in your life whether it’s about relationships, career/abundance, health/wellness, self-worth/self-love, spirituality, you name it. If you are ready to reach a new level, let’s do this together!


Mindful Movement Somatic Class w/ Kevin O’Connor, PhD

Come explore questions about your mindful body through movement. Somatics, meaning the living body — is a way of attending to your body in motion through practices that support resiliency,  curiosity,  and attentiveness while also becoming aware of any tension producing habits. This class is open to all levels.


Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditation for Rest & Renewal w/ Katya Lovejoy

Feeling overwhelmed and undernourished? Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation system that releases tension and replenishes the mind, body, and spirit. Research suggests that 30-40 minutes of Yoga Nidra is equal to 3-4 hours of deep sleep in terms of rest and renewal. Yoga Nidra has also been effectively used as a gentle approach to trauma healing.


Yoga Nidra w/ Richard Brenner

This session will include a short explanation and live demonstration of the practice of Yoga Nidra, which means “sleeping with awareness.” Yoga Nidra consciously creates a state of deep relaxation, targeting stress, tension, and anxiety. Brain waves slow and the body recalibrates all its systems, reaching a level of stillness that allows for deep cellular repair.


Qoya: Movement w/ Meaning to Remember Your Essence is Wise, Wild, & Free (WOMEN ONLY) w/ Aglaee Jacob

During a Qoya class, we combine the wisdom of yoga, intention setting, the wildness of creative expression through intuitive dance, and the freedom of reveling in the pleasure of moving how our body wants to move. With Qoya, it isn’t about what it looks like – it’s about what it feels like. You’re welcome to keep your camera off if that helps you drop in more deeply. You do you!


Pause Practice – Mindfulness for All w/ RJ Rongcal

This mindfulness meditation group includes three parts: didactic teaching, guided meditation, and discussion. Overall, we are learning to be present with what is, the entire human experience; we are learning how to “push the pause button” on our constant reactivity to the internal and external stimuli of our life. Walk away with a little more space, ease, and lightness.


SRI (Breathing for Nervous System Regulation) w/ Koichi Naruishi

Get an introduction to use your breath, body, focus, and energy to bring your nervous system to a calmer state and get it in rhythm with your body. Get the gift of being present in your body, allow your busy mind to chill on the sofa, while you get to remember more of who you really are. Take a break from “going through the motions” and the busyness of life and be held, seen, and heard!


Daoist Meditation & Qigong for Tranquility w/ Mikyö Black-Wangmo

Guided meditation w/ gentle movement, sound, and optional visualization to prepare for deeper meditative states – followed by a trauma-informed, soothing, restorative Qigong practice of slow movements paired with breath, sound, and optional visualizations to clear out stagnant and stuck energies, ground into the body, and activate the parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system. 


Osteopathic & Craniosacral Self-Healing w/ Dr. Michelle Veneziano, DO

This class will bring people through full-body osteopathic/craniosacral healing to integrate the subtle body (primary respiration) and the physical body (secondary respiration), which also balances the nervous system. Participants will be introduced to a state that can run in the background 24/7 while they go about their busy lives.


Eastern Practices for Nervous System Regulation w/ Mark Tanaka

A fusion from 20+ years of teaching yoga, qigong, and Taoist meditation, this class will lead you through a series of effective gentle movement, breath, and awareness practices geared towards the regulation of your nervous system. Perfect for those looking to slow down and bring safety and grounding to their body and mind.  


Meditation for People Who Don’t Meditate w/ Jonas Blume

This class is a low-pressure space to discuss what meditation is, what it isn’t, and what it can be. You will have the chance to see that it’s ok to have a “monkey-mind” and learn how to be okay with the silence. You will see that you don’t have to reach some high spiritual plane to meditate, be a monk or a superhuman. Meditation is possible and accessible to all.


Syntara System Meditation w/ Ruthie Yarme

Syntara System is a deeply integrative and evolutionary energy awareness modality that allows you to come into direct, co-creative relationship with the unseen forces that shape our world. I hope (and believe) that this meditation class will help you find more clarity, connection, stability, and joy.


Optimize Vitality with SRI Breathwork w/ Dr’s Kira & Suzanna Wong

Somato-respiratory integration (SRI) consists of 12 exercises involving the breath, body, energy, movement, and touch. During this 60 minutes class, we will be exploring 3 different stages based on discovery, transformation, and awakening. We look forward to diving into these healing exercises with you!


Sound Healing for Anxiety Relief w/ Heather Archer

Sound therapy brings brainwaves to a slower rhythm, in order to bring about a state of deep relaxation. It has significant benefits on stress and anxiety healing. Quite similar to meditation which regulates the breath, sound healing influences the shift in the brain through its frequency and particularly helps in reducing anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders.


Bliss Restorative Yoga w/ Mikyö Black-Wangmo

A trauma-informed, gentle, nurturing, hatha yoga practice that heals, balances, and rejuvenates the body through activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This is a practice of bringing awareness and deep restorative, relaxation of the body. Similar to yin yoga with long, supported holds. Appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness.


Stress Reduction Exercises w/ Jane Miller
Learn how to reduce stress through a variety of breathing, exercises to balance the nervous system, grounding meditation, and energy work. If you’re living in the modern world, odds are you could use this class in your life!

Vision Boards and the Role of Your Subconscious Mind w/ Laura Gevanter

An introduction to what vision boards are, why we create them, what they’re intended to do, and the role of the subconscious mind in creating the outcomes and desires from your vision boards. Have you wondered if a vision board is right for you? Here’s the place to find out!


Relinquishing Trauma through Yin Yoga & Mindful Investigation w/ Mattie Eisenberg

You will be guided through a series of three postures, during which you’ll be offered tools for exploring body sensations and investigating the accompanying emotions. Yin Yoga is a proven method of passive deep stretching that reverses patterns of tension – releasing the physical and emotional bodies. 


Anxiety & Depression Healed w/ Naturopathic Medicine, Family Constellations, & Emotional Release w/ Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Trauma, family entanglements, ancestral trauma as well as your biology affect your mind and nervous system. Experience feeling safe in your emotions, release a couple of family entanglements with family constellations therapy and heal your biology with naturopathic medicine.

5 Elements Qigong w/ Katherine Bird

This Qi Gong practice utilizes forms following the 5 elements to bring balance and restore your nervous system to a calm, present state of being so that you can heal and repattern your life. Katherine utilizes a trauma-informed approach to energy work to bring tools into your life that you can use to regulate, clear, ground, and embody in a way that supports where you are right now.

Inner Freedom and Happiness w/ Karolina Blaszkiewicz

This is a deep inner journey that will help you to call your power back, feel happier and lighter. This class includes a powerful energy clearing and healing and works somatically on releasing emotional and mental blockages. 


InauraLIVE Class Experience!

November 26-28, 2021

Unlock and Experience 26 InauraLIVE classes with world-class Inaura Guides!

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