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What is Inaura?

Inaura is an interactive, intuitive platform that meets seekers right where they are – and connects them with professionals and resources to support their healing, growth and self-realization journey.

We do this through our proprietary and comprehensive GuideMe™ Assessment that connects seekers with professional guides, resources, events, and tools that align with their personality, mindset and energetic constitution.

Together, through our GuideMe™ assessment, professional network, and educational resource database, we aim to serve as a facilitator of this personal growth & healing by empowering individuals to become the architect of their own journey – and to be a catalyst of collective human awakening.

At the heart of Inaura are unity and inclusion. We commit to being an inclusive platform that represents many different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Guide Diversity has a positive impact on our platform, and offerings. It helps us to better serve Seekers from every background. We are committed to building a culture where difference is continuously celebrated and valued.

We acknowledge deep inequalities, cultural trauma, and systemic racism are an inherent part of our collective history, as well as a very present and tangible experience in today’s society. These systemic patterns disproportionately affect the people from the cultures and communities from where most modern healing modalities originate. The appropriation of these modalities has had a deep impact on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels of those who have taken, and those who have been taken from. It is our intention to engage our diverse communities with honor, equity, and balance. We commit to this essential and ongoing process.

Why become a Founding Inaura Guide?

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We’re currently forming a collective of professional guides, coaches, and therapists to support in co-shaping Inaura.

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  • Why are you so passionate about your work?

Help us create the best offering for you!

Become a Founding Guide

As we prepare for our launch in 2021, we’re opening the doors for you to become a Founding Guide on our platform.

As a Founding Guide, you’ll receive special perks and offerings, early-access to the platform, and have the opportunity to lead the conversation on how Inaura can support growing your business.

Share Your Knowledge - Become A Co-Author

We are actively building our education portal – a Holistic Healing Wiki, if you will – for seekers to explore and learn about the many healing modalities and therapies available to them.

We aim to be an unbiased resource of information for our seekers and in order to make this resource as complete as possible we invite our Guides who love to share their wisdom through writing or creating videos!

Each post that you create as a Guide will be linked to your guide profile. Seekers that read (or watch) and resonate with your post are very likely to resonate with you and your work; this is another excellent way to get exposure as a Guide on Inaura.

Please let us know if you’d like to join our team of content creators and be featured as a thought leader!

Join Co-Founder, Michael Roesslein, on a Guide Benefits Tour + Q&A of Inaura

Join us on our next 30 minute Guide Benefits Tour to get an inside look at what we’re working on and how we will support you to share your wisdom, reach more people, and grow your business!

Here’s what you’ll get from joining us:

  • Learn how Inaura can support you to reach more people and grow your business.
  • See behind the scenes of your Guide Profile and Guide Benefits
  • Learn what the next steps are for you to get started!
  • Ask Michael any questions that may come up for you LIVE
  • And so much more!

What will Inaura look like for you?

As an Inaura guide, you’ll have your own professional Guide Profile where we highlight you, your story, your work, and the modalities you practice. Upon landing on your profile, a seeker will get to truly feel you through a pre-recorded intro video.

Through our proprietary GuideMe™ assessment, we create connections between you and seekers that are aligned to you and your range of expertise. Take a look at some of the exciting features that will be available to you!

Launch Your Online Course

We know things are changing and businesses are moving into the online space a lot more.

If you’re highly experienced in your field and have been thinking of launching an online course but get fumbled in between building it online, marketing it to the right people, and selling it… We’ve got YOU! At Inaura you get to bring your knowledge and expertise and we’ll handle the tech for you.

If you already have an online course and know that more people need to hear the message you are sharing… we’ve got you too! You can keep the course you have wherever it’s living and we’ll support you launch that same course to a new audience!

Teach a LIVE Class or Workshop

Do you love teaching and interacting LIVE with students? At Inaura, we’ll give you the stage to share your wisdom and teach what you know best without worrying about the tech, branding, or marketing.

Our classes and workshops will range from Morning QiGong, Guided Meditation, Breathwork, IFS Workshops, Bookclubs, Moon Ceremonies, Men’s Gatherings, Women’s Circles, and many more!

Other ways to participate!

At Inaura, we aim to make all collaborations a win-win… we’ve created extra optional offerings for guides that want to go deeper! Besides your Guide Profile and matching you to Seekers, you’re invited to:

  • Share content in your area of expertise with a large, aligned audience
  • Create and sell an online course or share a course you already have
  • Teach live virtual classes or workshops
  • Lead group programs or support circles
  • Facilitate powerful in-person events & retreats

You bring your skills, knowledge, and expertise… let us handle the tech and marketing!

Limited Invites - No Commitment

This invitation is limited to a certain number of Guides and is only being offered just this once.

There is no commitment for joining. But we’re looking for serious Guides only. If this is you, and you want to participate in something truly unique, then you can simply submit your application below. We’ll see you inside!

Yes! Tell me more and take me behind the scenes!

Let’s get started! I’m ready to become a Founding Guide.

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Join us on our next Guide Benefits Tour + Q&A!

Get an inside look at what we’re working on and how we will support you to share your wisdom, reach more people, and grow your business!

Enter your details to join us in a LIVE meeting with Inaura Co-Founder, Michael Roesslein!

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