To the Inaura GuideMe Assessment!

We know it can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating to find the Guides, information, and resources you need to help you along your journey of healing & growth…And that’s exactly why we’ve created the proprietary Inaura GuideMe Assessment!

What is the GuideMe?

The GuideMe is an intelligent and intuitive tool that assesses everything from your current challenges to past experiences, mindset, lifestyle and more.

Why take the GuideMe?

The GuideMe was created to help you find who and what you’re looking for in the most effective, efficient, and seamless way possible. If you’re looking for a highly curated experience on this platform – the GuideMe will customize your experience!

What will I receive ?

Immediately after taking the GuideMe, you will receive:

An assessment of your level of development, awareness, and skill related to each of our Six Inaura Pathways (more on those below)

A selection of high-quality free educational content personally curated for you

Upcoming classes, workshops, and other Inaura offerings that align with your needs and interests

A highly curated list of recommended Inaura Guides who may be best suited to meet your unique needs

Discover the Six Primary Pathways

To simplify and streamline your experience on the Inaura platform, we’ve organized the wide range of Guides, educational content, classes, workshops, and resources available to you into Six Pathways.

One pathway isn’t more or less important than another. In fact, they all work together synergistically to support you in experiencing ultimate mind-body-spirit wellness.

Many of the traditions and modalities represented by our Guides teach that our suffering, dis-ease and dis-harmony stem from a loss of connection with the truth of who we really are. Which is why these pathways ultimately guide you home to your true self.

When you take the GuideMe Assessment you’ll receive a detailed map of where you land in each of our Pathways. This way, you’ll know which pathways are currently supporting you and which ones you might wish to explore further to assist you in your journey.







Healing through Creativity

Art Therapy Workshop - May 21st
Access Your Unconscious Mind To Gain New Insights, Perspectives, Clarity & Healing ​