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St. George, Utah

Aaron King

Guided Inquiry

Hello, my name is Aaron King, and I have been on the path of awakening for over 25 years. My journey began on my 21st birthday, as I sat in the Los Angeles International Airport waiting to board a plane to India. This was the first of many trips to that magical and mysterious place.

Since then, I have spent years sitting with various spiritual teachers and practicing many modalities for healing and transformation I have experienced both awakenings and the dark night of the soul. I am familiar with non-dual consciousness, bliss, and love as well as anxiety, grief, and shame. Of all the modalities I have learned and applied, the practice of Self Inquiry has been the most impactful. I spent time with Byron Katie 20 years ago and fell in love with the freedom that her simple method of inquiry offered. I am trained in EFT and Reiki, and incorporate both, along with brain retraining/neuroplasticity, into the work I do, but the essence of that work is Compassionate Self Inquiry. My gift is Insight and Epiphany.

I am most passionate about working with Relationship Issues, Men’s Issues, Body Image, and Spiritual Awakening. I have the utmost faith in the process of Self Inquiry and feel very certain in my capacity to meet you wherever you are in your journey. Nothing is off-limits!

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Chronic Disease/Illness
Men’s Issues


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