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Westport, Connecticut

Alison Held Anderson

Medical Intuitive, Well-being Catalyst

Do you have issues in your life where you’re unable to break through the repetitive patterns? Or how about a health problem that just won’t go away no matter what you do? Whether you are suffering with a relationship issue, self-doubt, anxiety, fear, or something else, it’s all energy!

As a highly intuitive practitioner, I help guide you to the root cause(s). We’ll work together collaboratively to melt away limiting “roadblocks” and restore wellbeing. Using high-speed transformation processes you will find new alignment from within which will then help create a more peaceful existence.

Every session is unique to the individual and may include coaching; subconscious belief changes; ancestral healing; mediumship; healing activations; and/or past life awareness and shifts.

My specialties include health issues, relationship union, life purpose, spiritual growth, and fears/phobias. Because everything is interconnected there’s not much I haven’t work with in the 15+ years I’ve worked with clients throughout the world!

I have a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, am a Certified Health Coach, a Certified Medical Intuitive, and am professionally trained and self-taught in many energy healing modalities including PSYCH-K, Healing from the Body Level Up, Total Body Modification, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc.

I am passionate about helping YOU live the best version of yourself – mind, body, and soul.

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Energy Work
Highly Sensitive People
Stress Management


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