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Sedona, Arizona

Allyraa Creevay

Intuitive Guide & Psychic Awareness Facilitator

Death can change a person. My near-death experience seemed to open an even deeper doorway into other realms revealing the forms and voices of my Spirit Guides. These unexpected visits could be quite jarring, leaving me with so many questions. Fortunately, I’d soon find my way to a very gifted medium, Mataare (aka Paul McClain), with whom I studied psychic development for several years. Under his caring tutelage, I learned how to use my gifts…on my own terms. Though I must admit, at first, I had a lot of self-doubt about stepping into the role of ‘way-shower in this way. I even laughed when my gifted teacher singled me out as 1 of 2 students in the entire class who would become a career Intuitive. But alas, within a few short years of graduation, Fate would indeed have its way, and I found myself offering…you guessed it…Intuitive Guidance & Medical Intuition (for people and animals), as well as becoming a Conscious Channel, & Facilitator/Creator of Psychic Awareness classes. But, perhaps most importantly, I would soon learn that using these gifts to assist others would become one of the most profound and meaningful ways of fulfilling my own Destiny.

If you find yourself longing to embody your own innate gifts on the way to meeting a deeper, more essential ‘you’, I would be honored to walk that path with you. For I can think of no more rewarding use of my gifts, than using mine to reveal and cultivate yours. With great reverence for your journey, Allyraa

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