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Nanyuki, Kenya

Ameet Aggarwal

Naturopath, Psychotherapist, Family Constellations

As a naturopathic doctor, psychotherapist, family constellations, and EMDR therapist, I believe in healing your mind and body together while targeting the root cause of your illness. With over 15 years of clinical experience, I specialize in anxiety, depression, burnout, trauma, chronic diseases, and difficult to treat conditions that stem from trauma, family entanglements, inherited traumas, or metabolic toxicity and inflammation.

My bestselling book “Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind” has helped thousands of people overcome mental and physical health challenges by healing their mind and body TOGETHER, instead of separately. By combining emotional healing exercises, naturopathic medicine, homeopathy, and other holistic therapies, the book helps people treat 5 fundamental pillars of wellbeing: Gut Health, Liver Detox, Adrenal Fatigue, Emotional Trauma & Negative Beliefs.

My online course also goes into details of healing the 5 pillars of your health, with more in-depth protocols and newer material.

I was voted one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors and therapists to follow worldwide because of my combined approach of using naturopathic/functional medicine, homeopathy, and psychotherapy to heal your body and mind together, AND also because I did free mobile clinics for poor communities in Kenya (

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