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Vancouver, British Columbia

Antonia Dolhaine

Trauma-Informed Coach

After spending several years as a successful international performing artist touring with the likes of Cirque du Soleil, I ran away from the circus to help you run towards yourself. As a trauma survivor myself, I understand how the magical but chaotic worlds of art and elite-level sport can serve as both an escape and a challenge to healing. Over the past 2 years, I have made it my mission to support women athletes and creatives to stop performing for love and build safe homes within themselves.

Passionate about embodiment and somatic work, I am a certified Breathwork Facilitator, ICF trained Trauma-Informed Coach certified through Moving the Human Spirit, and Holistic Health Counsellor certified through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As someone who has been re-traumatized by inexperienced facilitators, I recognize the imperative for continuing education and commitment to duty-of-care in the unregulated wellness space. I’m currently enrolled as a student at Queens University majoring in Psychology and Religion. I’m also completing my requirements as a Trauma-Informed Touch Therapist under the guidance of Edward Ulm CMT SEP.

Those recurring patterns of self-sabotage; the co-dependent dynamics you’re sick of; the trigger-fest living within you… they all carry wisdom for you. My job is to hold a safe space for you to uncover and harness that wisdom, so you can embody the life and love you desire.

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