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Santa Cruz, California

Ashley Lauren

Group Facilitator, Community Organizer & Advocate

I am the Founder of Rewiring Your Wellness Community Platform and Rewiring Wellness Retreat. I am a community leader and organizer in the brain retraining/self-directed neuroplasticity community, connecting people to resources and providing a platform for coaches, teachers, and leaders. I’ve spent 6 years deeply immersed in the brain retraining community as a practitioner, client, and community leader. What I have discovered with this work is that it is a journey and that the journey is easier or sometimes absolutely requires community. We need each other. Thus for myself and others, I offer support groups, a web platform, educational events, and lead practice groups for people on their brain retraining journey.

My own healing journey with chronic conditions has led me to seek out a diverse array of practices, teachers, and coaches within the brain retraining community. My goal is to utilize my experience and connection within the community to help others find their way to their own healing. Limbic hypersensitivity is common in those of us that display multiple symptoms and don’t find relief with conventional therapies. I invite you to explore the wonderful brain retraining community and methods that can help support you in addressing the root causes of these difficult conditions.

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Chronic Pain
Physical Disease/Pain
Stress Management


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