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Sydney, Australia

Bianca Spears

Passion, Play & Prosperity Coach | Laughter Leader

My work (and play) helps people to remember and better utilize the tools they were born with – their minds, bodies and energy. My drive to empower others in choice and to consciously design their lives was what fuelled me when I started out in 2016.

As an aspiring coach still studying my diploma, little did I know, my work would reach and empower thousands of people and span way beyond typical life coaching. My journey of following my heart has seen me meet anxiety, fatigue and burnout, so holistic wellbeing is an important part of what I do.

My unique and dynamic approach brings together years of coaching and facilitation experience, somatic bodywork, training in Life Coaching (including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy and Solution-Focused Coaching), Laughter Wellness, Laughnosis and Quantum Play.

My magic is in intuitively providing people with the space they need to transform – to calm their fear-based mind, to acknowledge, shift and ascend old patterns and come away deeply reconnected to who they are, what they want and the zillions of possibilities that are available to them.

I work with growth-focused seekers – those who love to learn and explore, those who feel the intuitive nudges to do things and want to be guided by their heart and soul. If you’re looking to heal and/or transform and have tried other things that don’t really feel GREAT, my work may be for you. Ease, simplicity, fun and flow await!

Healing specialties

Creativity / Intuitive
Personal Leadership
Stress Management


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