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Sarasota, Florida

Carrie Eckert

Health & Embodiment Coach

I am a health and embodiment coach. Since overcoming almost a decade of debilitating illness symptoms myself, I now support others faced with similar health challenges. I experimented for years with various treatments ranging from mainstream medicine to holistic therapies, and ultimately found my answers in neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to rewire itself, along with multiple somatic practices. My recent memoir, Going with My Gut: How Intuition Healed My Body—and My Life, shares this journey to healing.

In addition to my Master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching, I have trained with industry-leading professionals, including Martha Beck, Annie Hopper, Byron Katie, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. I share and facilitate these mind-body tools with my clients.

We all have the power to heal within us. Though I may be labeled as such, my definition of the word “healer” is one who empowers another to carry their own magic wand.

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness


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