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Waterloo, Ontario

Christine Grauer

Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Codes Facilitator

People come to me for help transcending their less-than-desirable circumstances, to overcome painful pasts, to navigate life with grace and ease, and to be calm in a world that seems chaotic.

Our subconscious dictates 90% of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Thankfully, our subconscious can be reprogrammed with healthy and empowering belief systems. And for the past 5 years, I’ve been providing coaching services that do just that.

My coaching is unique as it blends my past 20 years of adult training and education, my Master of Science Degree, certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching and Energy Codes®, and my personal experience, including surmounting a past with all forms of abuse, extreme loss and illness, parental alienation, a narcissistic partner, and a teen with severe mental health issues.

Because I’ve transcended a tumultuous past, I relate to people with genuine compassion and heartfelt understanding—students instantly connect and find comfort in this. With my distinct combination of experience, skills, and training, I employ a scientific, psychological, and spiritual approach with my coaching students that works!

Struggle is necessary until it’s not. It is my passion and purpose to help you transcend your current circumstances and empower you with tools that help you gain mastery over your mental and emotional states… and to simply be happy (no matter what)! My student success rate is 100%! When you do the work, your life will transform! I guarantee it!

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Domestic Abuse
Health Optimization


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