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San Diego, California

Crystal Clenney

Founder of Intuitive Human & Mentor

I help intuitive humans integrate peak state and highly intuitive experiences. These events go beyond logic and conscious reasoning, essentially destroying entire belief systems in moments, leaving you with a sustainable, up-leveled humanity.

I have been having these experiences directly all my life and know the inside view. For the last 10 years, I’ve studied energy medicine and energy psychology with a focus on nervous system regulation and health. Included in my fields of study are bio-energetics, energy psychology, energy medicine, emotional healing, sound and vibration/frequency therapy, cranio-sacral therapy, with a penchant for sustainable intuitive pathways.

Through the exploration of our interview series, we are discovering how intuition works for humanity. Patterns and trends are already arising amongst these disparate human stories from one country to another as we continue to excavate each experience. We are dedicated to exploring these patterns with scientific rigor and measures to gain a seriously considered clear understanding of the body-system relationship and intuitive experience.

Our vision is to wake up the planet.
Our mission is to normalize intuitive experiences for humanity.
We are here to help you recognize your intuitive gifts because transcendent experiences sustainably change human behavior and create new trajectories for your life.

How do we get more humans experiencing life beyond belief?
Join us on this cutting-edge exploration.

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