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Zurich, Switzerland

DanaGita Stratil

Voice Healer and Spiritual Guide

I am a singer, vocal sound healer, voice shaman, sound-light code channeler, and spiritual guide with 35 years of experience. I lead journeys to magical places around the globe to uplift the frequencies on Mother Earth.

My life has known many rough patches and wake-up calls. It was the always power of nature and my voice that healed me and re-aligned me to my Soul. Each time I went through an existential crisis, I gained deep spiritual insights and mastered more voice and healing techniques.

Now I support people on their unique path to awakening, using all the valuable tools that I have learned from teachers all over the world and through my own inner growth. These tools include toning, singing, overtone chanting, mantras, the SAMASonology Indian music therapy, Shamanic journeys, and Nada (sound) Yoga. I am also certified in Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and Matrix-Healing. I am a published author, composer, and founder of the Awakened Voice Academy.
My passion is to teach people on the seeker’s path how to free their voice, heal themselves, and stand in their power. I help you transform anything that hinders you from finding your authentic voice to sing your heart out, speak your truth, and grow spiritually.

Your own true voice is an amazing instrument to attune to your essence, align to your spiritual Self, anchor and embody it fully in this world. Learn to embrace your inner Being, unleash your creative expression and share your deepest love, wisdom, and joy.

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