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Rancho Murieta, California

David Anthony Rude

Life Strategist Coach and Equine Assisted Coach

I’m a Life Strategy & Equine Assisted Coach & Empathy Trainer with +15 years supporting individuals & groups.

I assist clients to discover new ways of thinking/behaving, improve effectiveness in their roles, cope better with stress, pressure, and change, achieve self-set goals, apply more flexible & creative thinking, improve their interpersonal relationships, and increase their personal effectiveness.

My equine-assisted coaching program provides the space clients need to transition, develop, and rediscover. Horses serve as teachers and guides and transport us to a new journey of self-awareness.

Empathy training supports the learning of how to listen and connect which creates improved communication, better understanding of others, enhanced relationships, stronger teams, happier customers, and increased loyalty.

My philosophy is to build bridges and that’s what I do. I (re)connect you with yourself, ambitions, relationships, and peace of mind. I do this in positive and impactful ways. I work with you to shift your perspective from “I can’t, I won’t, I shouldn’t, it isn’t possible, etc.” to “I can, I want to, I will, and it’s possible.”

As a Certified Professional & Certified Equine Assisted Coach, I’m committed to the belief that change is possible. I work collaboratively with clients to make sure you achieve your desired outcomes in a way that generates positive improvements in all areas of your life. When we work together towards common goals, great things happen.

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