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St. George, Utah

Dr. Cathleen King

Neural Retraining Coach, Educator, PT

I am a neuroscience-based physical therapist, transformational coach, consciousness educator, and mom. I have over 20 years of experience helping others through their healing journey.

My passion is liberating others out of illness and trauma consciousness, freeing up the nervous system so that the innate self-healing mechanisms can operate as nature intended. I love helping to awaken humanity into their multidimensional True nature!

I know what it’s like to be very ill. And I know how to guide others back into living. I found freedom from over a decade of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold toxicity, chronic fatigue, PSTD, and a host of other challenges through combining the various modalities I now teach in my healing protocol outlined in my Primal Trust™ program. I also offer entry-level nervous system regulation courses.

I now enjoy living the life I dreamed up through rewiring my brain and connecting to my True Soul Urge.

I am the founder of Create Your Brain State, LLC– a company focus on creating programs for nervous system regulation for chronic illness and trauma recovery. I combine brain retraining, somatic awareness, energy repatterning, and polyvagal theory with a trauma-informed approach. In addition to coaching and leading group programs such as my popular Primal Trust™ mentorship, I also founded an online community, called Living Alchemy, for ongoing transformational support where we offer a variety of training from other mentors/coaches.

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Chronic Pain
Physical Disease/Pain
Stress Management


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