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Dr. Patricia Worby

Trauma Release Practitioner

A trauma-release practitioner treating anxiety, chronic fatigue and pain since 2013, following my own experience of recovery from anxiety and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I now work online as a somatic (body-based) trauma therapist and award-winning CFS/ME practitioner.

Adverse childhood events (ACEs or anything that overwhelmed you) can persist in your body as unconscious stress; symptoms are your body’s message to resolve these emotions. Via a somatic connection to internal safety (with my support), you lose the fear and begin to explore what your body has to teach you about who you really are.

My own health journey upturned my previous notions of health and when modern medicine failed to come up with answers I was forced to find my own which inspired me to learn about natural medicine achieving a Higher International Diploma in Naturopathy and Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage but often struggled to get results that lasted. During my PhD study, I found that childhood relational trauma was the main contributor to long-term conditions that do not heal. So I then trained in hypnotherapy and trauma recovery becoming a specialist using EMDR, EFT, Havening, and Hypnotherapy to release trauma and toxic stress in the body.

My passion is using a holistic approach to healing which allows people to take responsibility for their health. I call this Mindbody-medicine and passionately believe it’s the only way to move forward from materialist medicine to one fit for the 21st century

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Mood Disorders
Physical Disease/Pain


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