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Redwood City, California

Elden Ryu Vala


I am a Father, a Lover, a Student, a Teacher. I am dedicated to (re)membering the wholeness of who I am & (re)discovering how to embody that wholeness in all that I do. It is my pleasure & passion to share experiences, knowledge & support with others who find themselves inspired to explore what wholeness might feel/look/smell/taste/think/move/be like for them.

By wholeness I mean the most natural way to be oneself. For many (inclusive of myself) this requires examining & unpacking layer upon layer of ideas/patterns/beliefs that have been programmed into us by the forces of influence experienced in our lifetime. My work is supporting this inquiry process.

I serve humans in (re)discovering & rooting into ideas/patterns/beliefs that serve their innate nature while simultaneously becoming aware of & shedding those that do not.

I draw from 15 years of experience in self-exploration on the (re)turn toward wholeness & a decade of supporting others in their own iteration of that journey.

I have been certified as a Health Coach, a Holistic Lifestyle Coach, an advanced level Theta Healer & a Fitness Coach. I play with a diverse array of tools that have supported myself & others on this journey.

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