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Encinitas, California

Felicia Gualda

Energetic Alignment Guide

Hello everyone!

I’m Felicia, an intuitive Energy Alignment Guide here to support you into a deeper realization of your heart intelligence. It is where spiritual awakening meets embodiment, resulting in a grounded, abundant, healthy, & inter-connected human being.

My studies include 4 years of direct mentorship and certification with the creator of the Adult Attachment Repair Model, a somatic attachment repair modality that allows the body’s natural wisdom to balance and repair any relational wounding (with self, others, and with life). We’re basically updating your survival hardware to allow for ease in the unknown and a feeling of safety in the body.

I am also a certified Luminous Awareness Practitioner (4 years), a healing arts school training that blends developmental healing with ancient wisdom teachings and the path of awakening. I integrate individualized guidance for shifting into expanded levels of consciousness, activating your internal guidance system, and awakening your soul gifts. I use a variety of modalities and unique quantum-field tools to guide you into energetic alignment with your optimal life.

My ethos: I honor the innate power and wisdom that exists within you and recognize well-being as our birthright. My role is to provide a safe container, compassionate presence, and attuned guidance to support you coming home to Self, where healing occurs as a byproduct and life gets to be an abundant expression of love in all its forms.

Much love

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Attachment Repair
Energy Work
Life Coaching


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