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Arcata, California

Jen Bruce

Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner

I teach people how to use nutrition, lifestyle, and alternative medicines to support and strengthen their recovery from addiction, mood swings, fatigue, chronic pain, medication dependency, and more so that they can feel good in their own skin and experience true freedom, even when it seems impossible.

Informed by my own journey to wellness through my personal experience of addiction and recovery spanning over two decades, I have sought out the best instruction in the world in everything that I believe is essential for quality recovery, but that isn’t being utilized enough in addiction recovery in an effort to improve the outcome for people’s addiction treatment and quality of their long-term recovery.

I hold advanced certifications in functional medicine nutrition, orthomolecular medicine for addiction and mental health, integrative nutrition health coaching, Himalayan kundalini yoga and meditation, raw foods culinary arts, and as a certified as a transformational recovery coach and psychedelic integration specialist.

Over the past decade, through one-on-one and group settings, I have had the opportunity to serve hundreds of people whose lives have been affected by addiction and other traumatic experiences.

I’m a mamma to one young daughter and am blessed to live on the redwood coast of Northern California. I enjoy yoga, music, cooking, working, nature, learning, and going on international adventures in faraway lands….

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Health Optimization
Mood Disorders


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