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Mill Valley, California

Jessica Flanigan

Eating Disorder Coach & Nutritionist

I have been a Clinical Nutritionist for over 25 years and focus on advanced gut restoration for those will chronic illness. I specialize in recovery from disordered eating and Orthorexia from restricted diet protocols. I created Transformational Eating, which is a Self-Compassion program to heal relationships with food.

I wrote The Loving Diet which was the first mind-body book about Autoimmune Disease in 2016.

I am Co-Founder of the Institute of Spiritual Coaching and lead women and professionals in high-level coaching based on Self-Compassion techniques.
I work in private practice and work with groups virtually.
I have a certification as a Noetic Practitioner and Spiritual Coach.

My passion is to guide women into the healing power of their hearts.

Healing specialties

Eating Disorders
Energy Work


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