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Judy Greenman

Founder, Body Brain Freedom Academy

As a daughter of two Holocaust survivors, I am passionate about facilitating in others what my parents taught me. That there is a big difference between being alive and feeling alive. And that freedom… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual… is our birthright!

My personal healing journey began with my first Neuro movement lesson. I was healthy, ran and worked out at the gym daily, but I wasn’t “home” in my body. I learned that I wasn’t fully breathing, or freely moving other than my arms and legs. I was mortified how many limitations were out of my awareness.

That first lesson over 25 years ago began my study of Body Intelligence, Neuro Movement and Somatic Re-education, Since then, I have trained hundreds of healing practitioners, entrepreneurs and leaders back to a level of self-awareness, heart coherence, pain-free mobility that activates deep ease, alignment and flow in their body, business and relationships.

My Body Brain Freedom approach uses a unique blend neuroscience, gentle movement and body awareness techniques to rewire the brain and nervous system for optimal well-being and peak performance.

Techniques are based on Cortical Field Re-Education®, Integrated Awareness®, The Feldenkrais Method®, and Somatic Coaching Techniques, It is remarkable how quickly the brain will relearn ease and freedom under the right conditions.

Chronic Pain
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1:1 Services

Freedom From Pain JUMPSTART

$497 | 90min.

In 3 private sessions, we will activate a nervous system reset and strengthen your body-brain connection to free up pain, blocked energy, limiting beliefs, trauma and negative emotions trapped in your body to access ease and grace in your movements and life. With guided, slow, gentle movements with awareness, we open the pathways of communication with your nervous system to allow dissolution and resolution of pain, aging and survival patterns that do not serve your freedom or vitality.

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1-Day VIP Freedom and Vitality INTENSIVE

$1500 | min.

In this 8 Hour private training on zoom or in person (can be divided into sessions), you will learn to improve body awareness, reset the nervous system to a sense of calm curiosity, release unconscious blocks that are trapped in your body, and leverage the body’s self-healing ability. You will leave with tools for continued self-discovery and self-healing, unlimited text/email access to me for a month, and a follow-up session to integrate and reinforce your learning and changes.

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