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Hood River, Oregon

Karen Murphy

Alignment Mentor

I work with awakening lightworkers seeking to expand emotional, mental, and physical capacity to embody pure love and step deeper into their purpose and mission as spiritual beings on a human adventure.

As an energy practitioner and Akashic alignment guide, I lead clients to dissolve old stories and patterns, clear emotional and energetic blocks, establish conscious relationships with themselves, their bodies, and their children, and re-align to their highest self connection.

As a result, we unleash new energy, creativity, and direction. Relationships, parenting, and self-care shift from power over dynamics to power with partnerships. My clients become self-empowered, resilient in their Truth, and on track with their evolution and life purpose.

Certifications: EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Reiki, Akashic Alignment, The Emotion Code, Parenting by Connection (most aligned method for parenting Starseed Kids).

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