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Grosuplje, Slovenia

Karolina Blaszkiewicz

Guide, Teacher, Energy Healer, Mentor

I am a spiritual healer, mentor, and teacher.

I help women accelerate their ascension journey by clearing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks, creating space to step into the next level of consciousness. I facilitate spiritual growth by channeling divine energy to heal trauma, remove self-sabotaging beliefs and provide spiritual clearing on a multidimensional level. My passion is to help women expand their consciousness into every transformational healing session, workshop and retreat. I believe that we are all spiritual and nothing matters more than creating a life lived in soul alignment.

My awakening started 9 years ago and through my healing journey and studying with many teachers, I have healed some health conditions, traumas reconnected to my soul purpose, my spirit, and body. I have studied and still study with a number of teachers from all over the world and learn different ways of working on myself and with people for example bodywork, energy healing on multidimensional level, tantra therapy, Theta healing, and more.

Healing specialties

Energy Work
Women’s Issues


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