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Santa Fe, New Mexico

Katherine Bird

Energetic Medicine Practitioner & Mentor

I am an Energetic Medicine Practitioner and Mentor. My focus is training, supporting, and mentoring healers, coaches, empaths, channels, and those called to serve. I support people to heal themselves and bring their magic to the world by integrating spiritual development and energetic mastery. Utilizing energy work, hands-on and distance healing, practice cultivation, inner work, and mentorship I shepherd you through awakening and the journey to full alignment.

My awakening was intense. I know what it is like to feel too much, to come in contact with the unknown and go through serious healing on the path to service. I believe the sensitive souls of this world are here to support collective awakening and healing. I am passionate about helping people to uncover their gifts, accept them and develop skills to support authentic expression. I believe stabilization and grounding, trauma recovery, nervous system repair and personal practice are cornerstones to higher spiritual attainment. I have been on the road for around 20 years and I have been teaching, guiding, and in professional practice for over 10.

I have extensive backgrounds in Eastern and Western Alchemy and Somatic modalities. I teach Qi Gong, Chinese Energetic Medicine, internal energy work, meditation and more in my many programs. I am constantly studying and training and on the path to Daoist Priesthood at Temple of Original Thunder and train at Grace Essence Mandala with Lama Lar, a modern esoteric work school.

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