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Birmingham, Alabama

Katherine Nickerson

Brain Retraining Coach

Hi, I’m Katie Nickerson! I have been working in the field of brain retraining and self-directed neuroplasticity for over 5 years and have helped people heal from a variety of chronic illnesses including CIRS/mold toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue, ME, chronic pain, POTS, insomnia, brain fog, Lyme disease, MCAS, HI, anxiety, depression, and more. After struggling with many of these illnesses myself for over a decade, I discovered the fascinating science of neuroplasticty and used the power of the brain to heal my body!

Now I help clients to experience breakthroughs in their health as well! Using a combination of brain retraining tools (DNRS, Gupta, LP, etc), somatic practices, lifestyle optimization, and polyvagal theory, I create a customized program that allows clients to create new neuropathways, release stored emotions, and design a day to day life that facilitates healing.

I know what it is like to be chronically ill, continue to decline, and feel like no one is able to help. I understand the hopelessness and overwhelm that is so common when navigating chronic illness. I know what it feels like to not know if it’s possible to heal. But I also know that it IS possible for you. Your body was designed to heal itself when put in the correct state and I am here to show you how and guide you in that process! You can do this! And you can live the abundant life for which you were created!

Healing specialties

Chronic Disease/Illness
Chronic Pain
Stress Management


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