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Escondido, California

Katya Lovejoy


I am a clinical hypnotherapist, trauma coach, and meditation teacher with a passion for helping people reclaim a sense of wholeness in a world that tells us we’re broken. My deeper mission is to end the transmission of intergenerational pain in families and communities. As a descendant of war refugees, immigrants, and parents with untreated PTSD, I understand how trauma patterns are passed down through a family line.

I approach trauma healing from an individual, ancestral, and collective lens, utilizing subconscious, somatic, and spiritual approaches to find release and resolution. The work is holistic, dynamic, and effective in helping release trauma patterns that have kept you in survival, so you are able to thrive and feel liberated, loved, and empowered to be fully expressed as your authentic self.

I have 10 years of experience working in ancient and modern healing therapies. I am a trained psychotherapist with degrees in neuroscience and clinical social work, along with certifications in trauma-focused hypnotherapy, breathwork, and yoga nidra. I am grateful to also be a humble student on the shamanic path. I’ve dedicated myself to the study of healing sciences from around the world so I can offer and teach the most effective pathways for safe and sustainable self-transformation.

Healing specialties

Attachment Repair
Intergenerational Trauma


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