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Encinitas, California

Kelli Russell

M.A. Counseling | Subconscious Change Facilitator

Kelli Russell is an Emotion Code Practitioner and PSYCH-K® Facilitator with a Masters Degree in Counseling/Marriage & Family Therapy in private practice in Encinitas, California who helps people shift into alignment with their highest-selves and rediscover their innate awesomeness.

Kelli serves as a great bridge from traditional talk therapy into subconscious change and emotional energy work and can assist you in reformatting conscious thoughts, releasing subconscious emotions, stress, and trauma, and establishing positive, life-affirming beliefs that resonate as truth throughout your entire being.

Though her methods work with anything (abundance, relationships, health/wellness, grief, elevating consciousness), her specialty is releasing stress and anxiety, while increasing confidence and self-worth so that you can step into the role of creatorship in your life, easily handling the challenges that come your way, helping you shift into being who you want to be, and living the life you want to live, rather than focusing on problems and retelling old stories.

Kelli is very accepting, nurturing, and supportive, but will call you out if she sees faulty logic and can hold you to task if needed ; ) Long-distance sessions are just as effective, but if you’re near San Diego, opt for an in-person session!

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Energy Work
Life Coaching
Stress Management


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