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San Diego, California

Koichi Naruishi

Network Spinal and SRI Practitioner

I have been practicing Network Spinal, a modality that uses light touches to integrate the innate wisdom and energy of your system to unwind the spine, since 2000. This has been my main area of focus along with exercises that utilizes breath, movement, and energy called Somato Respiratory Integration, or SRI, to facilitate the embodiment of twelve different stages of consciousness and healing.

I get to have people connect to their source of safety, survival strategies and to uncover higher consciousness, love, and their true Self within each person with increasing depth!

My journey into healing began before being licensed as a chiropractor in 2000. It started with a healing crisis, where my 2-year-old body was experiencing asthma, eczema, and pneumonia. Where medication and traditional methods failed and made me worse, it was spinal care, natural produce, supplementation, exercise, and energy healing that brought me back to vitality! This has been the foundation for care. Since graduation, I have been certified by Dr. Donnie Epstein, as a Level 3 Network Practitioner and an SRI Wellness Facilitator.

It’s my pleasure to be in service and to help unfold and deepen the beauty and power within each individual.

Healing specialties

Energy Work
Health Optimization
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