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Oak Park, Illinois

Kristen Stafford

Holistic Movement and Lifestyle Coach

My gifts for understanding human movement stem from a desire to reduce my own pain including chronic migraines and neck pain associated with postural misalignment and energy imbalances. I have been working as a fitness professional since 2001. After completing my Bachelor of Arts degree, I became certified in personal training, Pilates, and holistic health.

My experience working in a Sports Medicine clinic gave me insight to aid clients back to functional health. I also gained experience working with clients whose needs ranged from cardiac rehab, pre- and post-op bariatric, pre and postnatal, to joint replacement and reconstruction.
As I began to see limitations in my abilities to fully serve my clients’ needs, I was introduced to holistic health. This new perspective came at a time I needed it as much as my clients.

Incorporating holistic principles has allowed me to work through my own physical ailments and explore unconventional healing techniques. I apply these same techniques when coaching clients who aren’t experiencing relief through traditional methods and movement instruction. I bring my experiences, a wealth of knowledge, and passion for helping others achieve a strong and balanced mind, body, and soul to everything I do.

I love learning as much as I love teaching. Sharing information in a way that is relatable and easy to digest is one of my favorite things.
If you are looking for a holistic approach to health and happiness, I would love to meet you!

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