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Budpest, Hungary

Dr. Laszlo Karafiath

Purpose Mentor and Liminal Coach

I found my purpose in guiding humans and organizations in the quest to learn and realize their purpose. My clients report reaching new levels of creativity and insight, being more focused and more innovative, and living a more purposeful yet more relaxed life.

In 1993 I co-founded Sziget, Europe’s Burning Man-size weeklong music & arts festival in Budapest when I was 20 years old. My second start-up, Carnation Ltd. was acquired by WPP in 2012. My third company Darwin’s Marketing Evolution was based on my PhD work using meme science to transform corporate culture and communications.

I hold an MBA, a PhD in Communications and have worked on the intersection of communications, business, and technology for 20 years. I was a leadership fellow at Yale University and a guest lecturer at the Business School of the Central European University. I am currently working from Budapest and from Costa Rica where our neotribe has a healing center called Brave Earth.

Seven years ago after a long sabbatical, I left the ‘matrix’ and started my practice and life-long education into the soul and consciousness of human beings. I work a lot with leaders, some lead their own startup or practice, some lead organizations making millions.

I am trained in Hypnotherapy, Liminal Coaching, Purpose Finding, Parts Work, Meme Science, NLP, Leadership Coaching, Art of Hosting, and Organizational Design
Consulting Hypnotist from NGH, Purpose Coach

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