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Brooklyn, New York

Liana Naima Donahue

Spiritual Wellness Practitioner

I see you, and I thank you. I am not sure what inner longing for peace brought you to this moment, but I thank you for honoring that feeling. I thank you for listening to your intuition and considering me as a guide on your soul’s journey. I intend to show up as a clear vessel, with powerful tools to help you release whatever is preventing you from embracing the present moment.

I am a gifted spiritual wellness practitioner specializing in an array of healing arts, from mindfulness meditation, energy healing to breathwork. My practice is rooted in intuitive knowledge that trusts in the innate wisdom of the body. I create brave containers for people to process, integrate, and release energetic blockages with curiosity and care. My playful spirit makes the healing process enjoyable, operating from the heart, I invite people to meet me there for heart-centered transformations of the mind, body, and spirit. I have significant experience working with people on mental and emotional health, chakra balancing, psychedelic integration, inner child work, and shadow work. No topic is too big or too small

I have a BA in Philosophy from Bryn Mawr College, M.Ed. from Hunter College, and I am a trainee of the MNDFL Mindfulness Teacher program. I am a certified Reiki Master, Vortex Energy Healer, and trauma-informed breathworker with over five years of experience. My spiritual insights have been featured in USA Today, MindBodyGreen, Essence, and Black Girl in OM.

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