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Ventura, California

Lida Sportel

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist | Coach

I am Lida Sportel, LMFT, FDN-P, CTNC, CGP. I am the founder of Lidashealing LLC and creator of The Whole Wellness Method™ & Unity Consciousness Methodology 11-month journey. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, a Master’s Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Autoimmune Specialist, Weight Loss Coach, Diabetes Specialist, Hormones & Digestive Coach, Holistic Cancer Specialist, Quantum Numerologist, Mental Health & Emotional Eating Coach, & Universal Laws Coach.

I created The Whole Wellness Method™ out of a growing passion and dedication to help my clients, and myself, achieve true and lasting physical, psychological and spiritual wellness. That is, Whole Wellness! My long-term battle with chronic illness and recurring frustration with the conventional and alternative medicine approaches led me to a life-long journey of research, education, and application of mind-body principles that have been proven to work.

I developed The Whole Wellness Method™ to save my own life and to transform my clients’ lives. My deepest passion is teaching the Unity Consciousness Methodology™ that I created, which leads you to BREAK FREE from what has been holding you back & to experiencing your highest expression in this life. I am here to help you live an In-Spirited life! Let’s do it!

Healing specialties

Highly Sensitive People
Intergenerational Trauma


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