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Hurricane, Utah

Lori Kinsey

Advanced Spiral Emotional Clearing Practitioner

My desire is to hold a powerful, safe energetic space to conduct emotional clearing, healing of the energetic bodies, and radical soul transformation as an advanced Spiral practitioner. I strive to lead from a place of integrity that enables clients to expand into their most authentic self. My passion for this work is revealed in every session.​

I have the ability to hold a strong container because of the service work I’ve done in the areas of domestic violence, human trafficking, cultural, and religious conditioning. As a domestic abuse survivor, my goal is to heal on the soul level from a place of compassion and trust.​

I have a strong interest in supporting conscious leaders who desire to design and create their vision. My gift is the ability to dive deep, breaking through limiting beliefs while enabling high performers the ability to embody the legacy they are meant to leave in this world.​

I use my transmission as a connector of souls to create my vision of bringing people together in a safe, judgment-free space. Because of this, I founded the unique online community, Red Lotus Life, where students of life from around the globe are inspired by those who are sharing their gifts to impact the world in a positive way. The online community supports and empowers members to create their own tsunami of change.​

You can find me feeding my soul by loving my people hard, surrounding myself with music, exploring magical lava fields of Utah, and connecting to the elements.

Healing specialties

Domestic Abuse
Life Coaching
Personal Leadership


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