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Honolulu, Hawaii

Malia Blissard Nolan

Healer, Intuitive Coach & Guide

I became a healer from the inside-out, after a debilitating spinal injury left me bedridden for 3 years in my early 20s with disabling relapses for over a decade. This journey required me to draw-on all aspects of healing: body, mind and spirit, with a conviction that became unshakable.

I’ve studied closely with a tantric mystic for 18 years, apprenticed for 6 years with several world-renowned healers, & am a practitioner with the Luminous Awareness Institute.

In my healing practice I support clients in both expanding their sense of “Self” while simultaneously healing & integrating through the interconnected felt-sense, so that nothing is bypassed. Often this involves a deep integration process of unfreezing & repairing attachment ruptures through somatic presence while simultaneously working with the physical, mental, emotional & energetic fields to support creating a new “set-point” that is deeply authentic, awakened & purpose-aligned. Clients come to me for a wide range of reasons & its common to explore IFS-style parts work, somatics, early-life attachment trauma & repair, subtle energy, embodiment practices, unwinding past life + lineage imprinting, true essence mirroring & practical coaching & support around career, partnership, family & many other aspects of life.

I bring a warm agendaless presence to my clients & believe that ultimately our best guide is our own True Nature (& often we need ongoing pointers, support & mirroring to return to this state!).

Healing specialties

Attachment Repair
Energy Work
Life Coaching


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