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Red Hook, New York

Margot Schulman

Love Activist & Guide

Love is the radical choice.

Choosing love takes courage.

It’s terrifying to open your eyes and hearts to everything that human life throws your way – all the beauty, ugliness, hope, struggle, joy, and heartbreak. But living the same boring, fear-filled life is sooo much more painful. The Love Revolution will be won one courageous choice at a time.

Every time you choose love over hate and courage over fear you build your internal confidence, joy and hope. Step by step you become the outrageous, fierce, inspiring compassionate self that you were born to be.

My name is Margot Schulman and I am the mindful badass spark-igniter behind Choose Love Revolution.

I have been on a mission to discover the core of what improves people’s quality of life for ages. This led me into the worlds of nutrition and food justice initially. Eventually, in part because of my personal story with divorce and heartbreak, I came to the radical concept that the only sure path to a life of peace, abundance, and ease is by choosing courage, joy, and compassion as our guiding principles.

I’m an Activist, Author, Facilitator, and Love, Sex & Relationship Coach with over 16 years of experience coaching individuals to create peace, freedom, and love in their lives. A graduate of Columbia University, I am certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach, a Holistic Health Counselor, and a Shake Your Soul Dance Teacher.

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