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Santa Cruz, California

Mark Tanaka

Attachment Healing Coach and Teacher

I’m a teacher and coach that specializes in helping people with nervous system regulation, somatic attachment / developmental trauma repair, and inner child work.

I have a unique and wide background in 25 years of Eastern self-healing and self-regulation practices such as yoga, qigong, meditation, and Buddhist practice as well as training in progressive western body-based psychology approaches

After 20 years of teaching people self-regulation skills through Eastern practices, I’ve transitioned into instructing and coaching people on how to address the cumulative traumas and habits that form in the body and mind from early childhood trauma. I’ve found ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) to be central in most people’s challenges in health, self-esteem, relationships, and career.

My approach is unique and multifaceted in that I integrate my understanding and wisdom from Eastern traditional practices with a strong body-based approach. Most chronic trauma like ACEs requires a body-based approach that helps to shift the pattern inside the felt experience of the body and nervous system. I help people become empowered in managing their nervous system stress as well as their inner child wounding so they can become the best, mature and alive version of themselves.

Healing specialties

Attachment Repair
Highly Sensitive People
Intergenerational Trauma


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