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Luverne, Minnesota

Matthew Stensland-Bos

Neural Retraining and Empowerment Coach

I struggled for 15 years with severe, chronic health issues, working with literally hundreds of doctors, practitioners, and systems of all kinds. No one had answers for me. After all that time, money, and effort, I was bed-bound, lost, and without hope.

But I forged a way through it, developing my own approach that I now use to help others get well. My purpose and passion in my work is to be for other people what I wanted: a guide who can show you the way out of even the darkest, most challenging issues.

Any and all chronic health challenges are welcome in my practice, including (but not limited to) CFS/Fibromyalgia, Lyme/Epstein-Barr, mental health issues, environmental/food sensitivities, gut issues, pain, and structural challenges. (I faced all that and more.)

The largest part of my approach focuses on neural retraining and related tools, but there is a vast array of other knowledge I call upon as needed. We will focus on claiming captaincy of your life, thinking clearly about the problem and the solutions, developing consistency in the proper daily practice, blasting through any obstacles that arise, grounding into your body, and more.

I am direct and focused, and I will call you out at times, but I also have a kind heart and will hold space for your struggles. I am especially passionate about working with men, even if their focus isn’t health.

If you’re ready to stop searching for answers and finally get well, I’d love to work with you and show you how.

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Chronic Disease/Illness
Men’s Issues
Physical Disease/Pain


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